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Friday, September 17, 2004

timbuktu's guestbook

Update - problem solved
I was given some advice by jannah of, and now the links appear at the bottom of every post :) You could also use the links in this post.
This is what Jannah said:
Wa 'Alaikum Assalaam wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh try to put that code they gave you right before:
!-- End #comments --
there is a less than sign before the exclamation sign !, and a greater than sign after the last two dashes --
move it around in the code and see where it shows up on your page. Then you can decide on the best place to put it and stick it there
so, immediate problem solved.

The problem:
I acquired a guestbook, but forgot to copy the HTML code. In any case I wouldn't have known where to paste the copied code. So the funny thing is I have a guestbook, but no link to it on my pages. My solution: please click on the links below, and sign. :)

OK, now I found the code, which for my guestbook would be:

View timbuktu's Guestbook]

"http:/x/" View timbuktu's Guestbook

[Sign timbuktu's Guestbook]

"http:/x/" Sign timbuktu's Guestbook

In the above, http:/x/ are to be replaced with http://

Now, what files do I have to copy so that all is not lost if I make a mistake? And please tell me where to paste the HTML code. Then I too can have a link to my guestbook on the main page.