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Monday, February 14, 2005

The Arab and the Camel

asalamu aleikum

There is a modern lesson in this story. Can you decipher it?

Once there was an Arab, and his inseparable companion, the Camel, because we are talking of the Arab of old, not the modern-day urbanised Arab, who travels in his air-conditioned Mercedes (or more likely these days, the Toyota Corolla).

As we know they lived in the desert, or at least travelled in it.

We also know that Arabs live in tents.

So this day the Arab was in the desert in his tent, when the desert breeze started getting stronger. Soon it became a strong wind.

The Camel which had been tied to the tent on the outside, put his head in and said to the Arab: "Master, this wind is too strong for me, and the sand is getting in my eyes, will you please allow me to shield my head against the sand by keeping it inside the tent."

Now this was a good-natured Arab, and also true to the Arab tradition of hospitality, so he allowed his camel to keep his head inside the tent.

After some time, the wind got even stronger and a sandstorm started brewing.

The Camel withstood it for a while, then said to the Arab: "Master, my neck is hurting like anything. This sand is getting into my neck, please allow me to bring the neck in as well. There is enough space in the tent for that."

The Arab saw the discomfort of his Camel, and agreed to the Camel's request.

After some more time, the wind really started blowing, and the Camel found it necessary to ask for more favor.

"Master", he said, "I would like to bring in my front two feet as well, since the sand is beginning to bite on those."

The Arab gave up his relaxing position, so the Camel could shelter his front feet.

After a while, the Camel asked to bring in the front half of his torso inside, and did so without waiting for an affirmative answer.

After some more time, the Camel said to the Arab: "My body is feeling the difference between the front half being sheltered in the tent, and the hind half being outside in the storm. I am, therefore, going to bring in the back half as well, but don't worry, I will keep my hind legs outside so there is room for you."

Saying that, the Camel brought in the back half inside the tent, and the Arab had no choice but to squeeze himself in a corner.

As the sandstorm increased in ferocity, the Camel could stand it no more, and told the Arab: "Arab, make way for my hind legs. I cannot keep them outside forever."

Saying that the Camel brought his hind legs in, so that now the Arab and his Camel were both inside the tent, but the Arab was quite squeezed. in.

After some more time, the Camel said to the Arab: "Arab, I have been tolerating you for a long time now, but there simply isn't space in the tent for both of us". Saying that he kicked the Arab out of the tent, and spread his legs.

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