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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

some pics of ancient places

Here are some pics taken from various sources, but for more and descriptions, please visit the original sites:


Easter Island:
Easter Island

Carnegie Exihibits

Carnegie - Easter Island Full Head

Easter Island -

Rapa-Nui-Rano-Rarako - gonzalez photo

Easter Island -

ancient Egypt

continuing the stories of nations that perished.

Of course, if you have links to good images of the pyramids, mummies, wall paintings, scripts, etc. please provide these. Thanks.

Great Mysteries of Egypt, including the Great Pyramid

The British Museum:


pyramids-msn search

The Travellers' Lounge Photogallery

History of Giza

Pyramids & a Camel

Cairo Pyramids

Pyramids - large

Red Pyramids



Model of Giza Plateau

Nabateans (Nabatu) نبط ; Petra, بطرا

The Amazing Ancients

A good website for ancient ruins:

a little (nay, a gold mine) on Nabateans:

The Nabateans
Click on what interests you, e.g. Petra

a more comprehensive index of the same site:
Subject Index to regards the ruins of Petra, Madaine Sualeh and Ubar as those of a single civilisation or people. These could easily be slightly different peoples of Ashabul Hijr, Thamud and Aad. However, the above site is a mine of information and pictures.

google search Nabateans

A walk around Petra - with enlargeable thumbnails

The complete Petra

Mansour Mousher's phto galleries - very comprehensive



murrayc_2001 - Petra

Petra by Satellite

Petra - petra pics index


Petra - angus

Gallery - Petra 3

studium biblicum franciscum

The complete Petra links

comprehensive Petra pictures (334)

the small & dangerous shiq
Al Beidha: Little Petra, shiq & all wonder

The people of Lut (as) (لوط (عليه السلام

The people of Lut (as) (لوط (عليه السلام

perished nations 13

Sodom video - must see

see the following links:""


Dead Sea Scrolls:
Dead Sea"

Dead Sea Scrolls-index"

you select the entire link above, right-click on it, then select copy from the menu that pops up, and paste on the address field in your explorer page, and then you get the Chapter on the people of Lut (as) in the book "Perished Nations" by Harun Yahya:

and these from

On the western side of the Dead Sea lie the remains of two ashen cities, one at the base of Mt. Masada, and the other at the base of Mt. Sodom. In 1989, amateur archaeologist, Ron Wyatt was driving along the road past these sites. Although he had driven along this road perhaps thirty to forty times before, this time they suddenly looked like city walls and buildings. Pulling over to investigate further, Ron found that within these cities are building-like structures, all completely composed of ash. There are rooms that one can still enter today. He found interlinking streets, ziggurats and sphinx, all enclosed in traditional city walls, complete with buttresses.

Several oxydized bronze spearheads were found and even a skeleton that had completely turned to ash was found in Sodom. The marrow was visible at the ends of each of the bones. With a molecular frequency radar generator, Ron found gold salts, the by-product of vaporized gold. Samples of the material were taken and tested which proved to be pure ash. (See II Peter 2:6). From a height, one can see that the cities are laid out in an obvious man made 'square' formation. The surrounding material is all normal brown rock. The obvious question would be if the cities were destroyed 3900 years ago, how is it that the ash has not been completely eroded away? Research showed that objects burned with sulphur leave a remaining ash heavier than the original material.

Embedded in these pure ashen remains are sulphur, or brimstone balls. Sulphur is usually found in crystalline form, but this sulphur is unique to the world as it is round, white and has the consistency of compact powder. It is usually 30-40% sulphur, whereas these sulphur balls are 95-98% pure sulphur. The impurities in the sulphur are metals that would add to the heat given off. It burns at 5000-6000 degrees Fahrenheit. It was tested at Galbraith Laboratories, Knoxville, Tennessee, USA. They said that a BTU test could not be done as it would damage their stainless steel testing chamber. Sulphur is usually only found by volcanoes, sulfide ore mineral veins, or by sedimentary rocks associated with anhydrite, gypsum, limestone and saltdomes. We know that these sulphur balls must have been burning at some time in the past, because of the presence of burn rings around them.

These cities are indeed unique. Other cities that have been destroyed by fire or by volcanoes, like Pompeii, have a layer of ash on top, but under that is the original material. Here however, we see entire cities completely turned to ash.

The Forum

Victims of Vesuvius - III

Pompeii pictures

Volcanoes and eruptions

Volcanoes and eruptions

victims of Vesuvius - II

Pompeii images

'79 eruption

victims of Vesuvius - I, 79 AD

or rather, of their own merry-making.

For Pompeii and Herculaneum were pleasure spots, where lust and unnatural sex prevailed.

Pompeii - aerial

more on Vesuvius