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Today: consumption kills eco-systems; fraud, greed, grand larceny and theft bring down world's finances; deceit, infidelity and instant gratification destroy families; murders and wars have left us without peace or stability. On top we have droughts, earthquakes, floods, storms, tsunamis … has the world gone mad! Submit now to Allah before it is too late - to the One and Only God, the Creator, Lord and Sustainer of the universe, Unique in His Person and Actions, without any blemish, weakness or relatives. Follow the Sunnah of Muhammad (the last Messenger and Prophet - upon whom be the peace and blessings of Allah), and join those who will be the really successful ones.

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Friday, November 16, 2012

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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Crying wolf: fear of Islam

Crying wolf: fear of Islam

me kind of prejudice thatMichael Kugelman often writes insightfully on Pakistan and South Asia. Yet, when it comes to those who work for Islam, he displays the same kind of prejudice of the ignorant.

I am no supporter of HT, but I do not know of any instance where have they been involved in violence.

Secondly, what is wrong with working for a Caliphate. In the West's mind, it is all right to work to break down a Muslim country, but not to weld them together as one unit.

Yet because it wants Muslims to unite under a Caliphate, it worries the Western mind no end.

Pakistan's Hidden Threat from Within

Aug 07, 2012
Hizb-ut-Tahrir is not known to have committed a violent act in Pakistan. Instead, according to analysts, it looks for turncoats, proselytizing among officials in inner circles who have the power to bring the government down from within. If they succeed, Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal might fall into hands that are even less reliable than those of the military, which controls the country’s security.
The organization operates in more than 40 countries, including Britain and the United States, and has been active in Central Asia for more than a decade. But special concern arose in Pakistan after an army brigadier named Ali Khan was arrested in May 2011; his six-month trial, on charges of having ties to Hizb-ut-Tahrir, and of conspiring to overthrow the government, ended in June but a verdict has not yet been announced.
Hizb-ut-Tahrir’s ultimate goal is a global caliphate — an Islamic political and religious domain — across the entire Muslim world, and Pakistani researchers suggest that it has targeted Pakistan as a potential starting point. Several weeks before Brigadier Khan’s arrest last year, Pakistani intelligence warned the government that the movement was planning an Arab Spring-style uprising.
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op-ed article appeared in the New York Times.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Thamud and medain

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

destroyed/lost cities; strange artifacts

What ails the world

What ails the world

In a nutshell, "shirk" - associating partners with God, or associating an imperfect being with the Perfect God.

Atheism denies God. To them, there is no God, just matter or energy which are interconvertible through Eistein's discovery
E = m x c x c

Where did matter (or energy) come from? What is the basis of the physical laws operating in the Universe? Who designed these laws? Atheism has no answer to this

Some Hindus also claims allegiance to one God,with all the various gods and goddesses being manifestations od His attributes. Strange that they need to personify these attributes, and to worship these conceived persona, yet they consider the concept of a single God to be most strange.

The Jews, the Christians, all claiming to follow Abraham - the most celebrated monotheist.

and the Muslim Ummah, what about it.

The Jews have mixed Divine Revelation with the works of man. They consider lineage to be the determining factor in Salvation. They have changed the Torah by denigrating Prophets with accusations of grave sins, most probably to cover their own. The majority of Jews have forgotten the commandments in the Torah. Those who are religious, follow religious leaders, considering them to be infallible. Then a great many practice Kabballah, which is pure and simple magic, mostly black.

The Christians consider God to be three headed, or three parts, including a man - a good man, a Prophet, nay a Prophet of high stature, nevertheless a man. And they still insist on saying they are monotheists.

What about Muslims?

Unfortunately, the Ummah is no different. The last Prophet (saw) of God told us  that his Ummah would follow the footsteps of its predecesors, and we find it to be so true.

Take the case of the Ummah in Pakistan.

All across the length and breadth of the country,there are mausoleums to dead saints, only you cannot say they are dead, for their disciples will stone you to death. Thes dead are worshipped. They are asked tive sons or daughters, or money or jobs or a good harvest, etc.

Some go to living saints - men held in high esteem for their piety. They are considered God's agents on Earth, and any requests to God are directed through them. Most supplicants do not even bring God into it, just asking these "saints" to give them this or that.

Many prostrate in front of graves, or these living "saints".

And don't say that these are poor, ignorant souls. I have friends who have doctorates in Physics, and other sciences, yet they do the same.

There are still some, very few, who do not commit this shirk, but they are victims of hidden shirk, like worshiping money or this material world.

Shirk is what ails the world.

May Allah (swt) save us all from beliefs and actions that will take people to Hell.