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Friday, January 28, 2011

Learning Tajweed sites

There are some good Tajweed sites:

but I have come across some more that are also helpful:
Quranic Arabic Webinars

The language of instruction is English, and the presentation is good, including good diagrams for Mukharij. Their videos are hosted on youtube, and although they have a policy of not allowing downloads from their site, these can be downloaded from youtube. It is helpful, because most of us do not have fast, reliable net connections round the clock.

Qari Khushi Muhammad's videos are hosted on He teaches Tajweed in Urdu. He was a familiar face on TV during the Zia era in Pakistan. There are no diagrams for makharij in these videos.

Learn Tajweed with Qari Khushi Muhammad (Urdu)
These are also available on youtube. You can download from either.

Insha`Allah, in due course, I will create buttons and link these at bottom of page, but you will have to be patient, and pray for me.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Quran/Arabic programs

Update: all in this post now linked with buttons at bottom of page.

Many moons ago, I introduced here a standalone pacakage (beta version) by "Taha Zarrouqi". It was the beta version of Arabic Verb Conjugator "qutrub". I spoke highly of it, although there are a few things that I would like Taha to attend to in the next version. Download link is near end of page:

Another Arab developer (Assem) has released  a standalone Quran Search Engine, called "alfanous". It is also a beta version. I have only just started using it, but expect to find it useful, too. The example phrase in this package: "الحمد لله" returned 22 finds, while the online search engine gave 21, the site gives 26, and the standalone program "Quran with Tafseer" gives 23 results.

This does not mean that searchtruth always finds more than or equal to other search engines. I have not yet started thinking and researching the reasons for these discrepancies.

search for "رسول الله" gives 17 results here, Tanzil finds 17, searchtruth also 17, QWT also 17. One has to enclose the search phrase in quotes for an exact search in all these except QWT. Note the use of quote symbols.

Maybe this discrepancy is due to not using quotes " " for the first search "الحمد لله"

That brings me to "Quran with Tafseer 1.0". I talked about it, but I will more info here. This is also a standalone program. with many features:

• Arabic text of Quran: * Uthmani text as in Madina Mushaf * Simple text.
• Urdu Translation: * Jalandhri * Mahmoodul Hasan * Jonagarhi.
• Urdu Tafseer: * Tafseer Ibn-e-Kaseer * Tafseere Usmani * Tafseere Salahudin * Tafseere Ateeq.
• English Translation: * Justice Taqi Usmani * Abdullah Yousuf Ali.
• English Tafseer: English translation of Tafseer Ibn-e-Kaseer.
• Subjects of Quran Para wise from Tafseer-e-Usmani.
• Para wise Tafseer-e-Ateeq .
• Tafseer with show/hide text.
• Search in Quran, Translations and Tafseer text with active marker 'highlight text' display.
• Builtin Urdu and Arabic virtual keyboards.
• Different View modes (Para, Sura, Fixed Aya, Tafseer).
• Fonts changing of Arabic, Urdu and English text.
• Internet Explorer style Favourites for Ayas.
• View styles of reading text from Right to Left (Urdu) and Left to Right (English).
• Changing of Different Color Themes at run time.
• Print Preview/ Copy text to other applications.
• Quick search: jump to any (sura:aya) quickly.
• Sura and Para Details: Sura No, Name, Revelation, Place, Para name, No.
• No need to install Urdu/Arabic language support.
• Sajda Ayas: Jump directly to Sajda Ayas.
• Highlighting Sura as makki or madni.

All in all, a very good package that does not need a net connection.

To download qutrub, go to this link:

For alFanous:


and for Quran with Tafseer 1.0:


On this blog's page, the link for Qutrub appears near the end of page, but the others have not been linked to yet. Have patience.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Quran: verse by verse, & QWT

This is a fantastic site, where recitation is split verse by verse. It is a lot of work, so if anyone can donate, it will inshallah earn him ajr.

Quran: verse by verse

and the following is Quran with Tafseer 1.0 - a standalone program that has many iseful features.

Quran: verse by verse

Sunday, January 16, 2011

ambassador Munter said:

... is totally opposite to the wishes expressed in the previous post.

Yes, he said, we are dictating terms, we are arrogant, we are the viceroys!

Full marks for honesty.

But then he said: we provide the money, we give grants, we bail you out!

Wait a minute, your excellency. Who were you talking to? If this was directed to the masses of Pakistan, it is a lie.

You see, most of the money you give, is not grant, it is indeed loans. Then again most of the loan goes back to the US in the form of expensive consultants, or inflated projects awarded to US firms which the sublet it to local firms, at a very low rate. The result is not some ubber execution of project, but the same shoddy, corruption-eaten project the third world could get without your assistance.

What you provide is a continuation of corrupt governments, and an added burden to the masses.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Munter should have said:

fictitous, but don't you wish this had been written

           Memo #3 US Ambassador Robert Munter

 From: Robert Munter
 US Ambassador to Pakistan
 Islamabad, Pakistan
 To: Under Secretary of State for South Asia
 Department of State
 Washington, DC
 Date: December 31, 2010
 Re: Pakistan the first quarter

 Having been in Pakistan since October, I am forwarding a brief review of my first personal impressions.
 1) View about America: Survey after survey has shown that the populace at large has very infavorably views US government and policy.

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