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Today: consumption kills eco-systems; fraud, greed, grand larceny and theft bring down world's finances; deceit, infidelity and instant gratification destroy families; murders and wars have left us without peace or stability. On top we have droughts, earthquakes, floods, storms, tsunamis … has the world gone mad! Submit now to Allah before it is too late - to the One and Only God, the Creator, Lord and Sustainer of the universe, Unique in His Person and Actions, without any blemish, weakness or relatives. Follow the Sunnah of Muhammad (the last Messenger and Prophet - upon whom be the peace and blessings of Allah), and join those who will be the really successful ones.

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good sites: aqeedah-wise

but please stop before takfeer

Below are some buttons I am using for links to some Salafi sites. These sites rightly emphasize the aqeedah first. Where I do not agree is if they declare the others as kuffar, or links with them as leading to kufr. For a greater deviation is the rulers maintaining links with (or even seeking help from, or even helping these kuffar in their designs to keep Muslims under their thumb) the real kuffar of today. However, I am not a Mufti, really only a sinning elementary student, so not at all qualified to pass judgements.

Misguided or even malicious sites posing as Islamic ones are also on the web. To make sure one learn the deen from an authentic source, some links are given below. Additional links appear at bottom of page.

Salafi Sites in English
Help the Muslims in Pakistan & Kashmir

Knowledge Base & Salafi Centres
Qur'an & Sunnah Society

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