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Sunday, December 05, 2004

A quick step by step guide on reaching Allah

A quick step by step guide on reaching Allah Re: looking for some direction Name: Kansaa 5/12/2004(2:52) GMT Reply

salam alaykum yaa Samaa7;

God has said: if my servants ask you about me, I am close, I answer the call of the prayer IF he prays.
please note that very important IF
the initiative must always start with you-thats why He gave you a brain.

so first step, do you *really* want to grow closer to Allah?
next step if the answer to the first question is yes then, you must start to obey Him.

1. you have decided to grow closer to Allah

2.ask for repentance for any sins you have ever done, knowingly or unknowingly (why?)because God has said: "and ask forgiveness from God HE is the forgiver, He sends the rain for you, and He extends to you moneys and children, and grants you gardens and rivers"

3. to complete this repentance, give a charity, even if it is a small sum, if it is given to the poor in sincerity it will be accepted in shaa Allah

4. write down all the things you are not satisfied with, judge yourself, you already did to us now, when you told us you wear no hijab, you do not pray all five prayers, and you copy the westerners.

5.start praying on time, yes, as soon as you hear the azzaan.

6. after a week, you will feel very strange if you do not get up for fajr prayer. :)

7.start praying the watr:
thats 2 raka3as after the ishaa(shafi3)=say surat alaalaa
then surat alkaafiroun(2nd)
and one raka3a after the shafi3(watr)(say qul huwa Allahu Ahad)

8. couple of months of this and its fixed and part of your daily routine, never forget them samaah==>next the nawaafil. there are twelve raka3as, those who pray them on a regular basis can be sure of a house in heaven-very useful, if you plan on entering heaven. ;)

these are:
2 raka3as before fajr prayer
4 raka3as before dhuhr prayer
2 raka3as after dhuhr prayer
2 raka3as after maghreb prayer
2 raka3as after ishaa prayer
that makes a nice twelve.

give yourself a six month of daily practice and once again its part of your daily routine.

9. start reading the Quraan, if you read arabic, invest in tafsir ibn kathir, if just English, then make sure you read the meaning of the quran you are reading.

10. decide on a day to wear the hijab, make it a special day, give a charity before that special day, pray two raka3as and ask God to help and support you, and read a lot on the proper hijab, and what it looks and appears like:

should be wide, not showing any curves
should not be transparent
should not be attracting of attention
should cover the whole body, neck and hair, only face, and wrists showing.
should not look like the clothing of nonMuslims
should not look like the clothing of men
should not be perfumed.
well thats a briefer, and you can get some pretty good books on the subject, be sure that you realise its significance to YOU as a Muslim, to the Ummah as a society,
to the world as a whole. then decide on a date to wear it,
and just do so.


if you wish to benefit from generocity, give in charity
if you wish to be treated with mercy, do acts of mercy
if you wish to attain knowledge, you must seek it, and learn
if you wish to be honest, guard your tongue from lies
if you wish to go to heaven seek the paths to Gods pleasure, seek Him, and He will border these paths for you with ease, and He will stretch His hands to you to bring you ever closer to Him.

الكرم بالتكرم
والرحمة بالترحم
والعلم بالتعلم
والصدق بالحرص على عدم الكذب
والسعي الى الجنه يبدأ بالبحث والتقرب الى الله،ومن تقرب اليه
شبرا تقرب الله اليه باعا،ومن اتى الله يمشي اتاه الله هرولا

your sister,