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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Nabateans (Nabatu) نبط ; Petra, بطرا

The Amazing Ancients

A good website for ancient ruins:

a little (nay, a gold mine) on Nabateans:

The Nabateans
Click on what interests you, e.g. Petra

a more comprehensive index of the same site:
Subject Index to regards the ruins of Petra, Madaine Sualeh and Ubar as those of a single civilisation or people. These could easily be slightly different peoples of Ashabul Hijr, Thamud and Aad. However, the above site is a mine of information and pictures.

google search Nabateans

A walk around Petra - with enlargeable thumbnails

The complete Petra

Mansour Mousher's phto galleries - very comprehensive



murrayc_2001 - Petra

Petra by Satellite

Petra - petra pics index


Petra - angus

Gallery - Petra 3

studium biblicum franciscum

The complete Petra links

comprehensive Petra pictures (334)

the small & dangerous shiq
Al Beidha: Little Petra, shiq & all wonder

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There are lots of copyrighted images and maps here taken from other websites without crediting them. Makes me sad to see this. Once the owner of this site is identified, actions will be taken against them.