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Thursday, January 19, 2006

human cost to UK for Halliburton

98 UK service personnel killed, 4,017 medically evacuated from Iraq.

MoD must already hold records on the natures of injuries, but the details are not being released. Defence minister Ivor Caplin said in Jan '2005 that 790 service personnel had been injured in hostile action and accidents. but the department could not provide an equivalent figure for the past 12 months. However, it insisted that the number categorised as wounded in action at the main field hospital at Shaibah Logistics base, south of Basra, was less than 200.
comments from the UK effectees:
Sue Smith, whose son, Pte Phillip Hewett, 21, was one of three Staffordshire soldiers killed by a roadside bomb last July, described the injured as the "forgotten soldiers of the Iraq war".
Reg Keys, whose son Tom was among six Royal Military Police officers killed in 2003, added: "Both the American and the British don't want people to know about them."Corporal Dave Corrigan, a Territorial Army Para, who has undergone four operations on his knee since injuring it while serving as a field ambulance commander during the initial war phase, said: "We are a statistic and they try to hide it and it is so easy to hide the TA because we melt into the background."

Extent of soldiers' injuries in Iraq 'hidden by MoD'