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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Sonia Naz was beaten blue

"The News" reported today that Sonia Naz was beaten blue by her ex-brothers in laws. The news is in the paper, but does not appear in the online issue.

Sonia is a young mother of three who entered the National Assembly in the mistaken thought that she would get justice, and was jailed for sullying the hallowed premises by her commoner presence.

Her husband had been detained illegally in Faisalabad. The Suprintendant of Police (SP for short), Faisalabad, pressured his family for a hefty bribe, and wasn't satisfied with the family's selling their factory (looms) and handing the money over. She visited the elderly SP whom she saw as a father figure, and eventually went to Islamabad where she was directed towards the National Assembly where she could find a Member of the Parliament. She roamed the premises and blundered into the Assembly Hall where only the "elected" can sit. She then made the mistake of sitting next to a woman MP, whose privilege was thus violated. Sonia was hence arrested by order of the august Speaker of the House.

When released from jail on bail, Sonia went missing, and as it turns out, she was subjected to an attempted rape by the SP. When he was unsuccessful, she was raped by his deputy the orders of the SP.

She disappered, and eventually told her story to the papers.

She was later divorced by said husband for bringing this shame into the papers.

The stories that are online are here:

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Her sisters were similarly divorced for the shame(!).

Society is sick. The government is sick. These do not conform to Islam's social values.