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Friday, May 12, 2006

Quran: Learn & Act

in response to Rida's post,

awesome tajweed fact@Rida

assalamu alaykum

You said:

Yesterday I heard a teacher, Shaykh Isaam Qadhaah, say something that really made me think. He said the hadeeth says: the best among you are the ones who *learn* the Qur'aan and teach it..the word *learn* implies to put personal effort in the recitation to make it as correct as possible, as close to the words that proceeded from the mouth of the Prophet, صلىالله عليه وسلم, as possible...

Masha`Allah. This is right, and Tilawah is important, but if in Arabic the word translated as learning here does not restrict us to recitation, then there is a deeper dimension to learning than Tajweed or Tilawah, I think. To me this Hadeeth would mean implementing the message of the Quran in our lives, like the Hadith in which ummul mimineen Aisha (ra) is asked about how the prophet (saw) lived, and she said something like: "Haven't you read the Quran. He was the living Quran".