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Today: consumption kills eco-systems; fraud, greed, grand larceny and theft bring down world's finances; deceit, infidelity and instant gratification destroy families; murders and wars have left us without peace or stability. On top we have droughts, earthquakes, floods, storms, tsunamis … has the world gone mad! Submit now to Allah before it is too late - to the One and Only God, the Creator, Lord and Sustainer of the universe, Unique in His Person and Actions, without any blemish, weakness or relatives. Follow the Sunnah of Muhammad (the last Messenger and Prophet - upon whom be the peace and blessings of Allah), and join those who will be the really successful ones.

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Big is not always desireable:

The conventional wisdom underlying the US of A is that big is good. Hence the emphasis on macroeconomics - displacing and destroying livelihoods of people with lttle say - the indigenoue cultures of peoples of the Amazon, Indonesia, and before them, the Indians.

But big is not beautiful- Pollution on a small scale is abd enough, but pollution on a large, collossal scale is deadly. The destruction, in the name oil, of the livelihoods of the people of Indonesia, Equador, Colombia, to name a few, is evidence of that.

But the West's, particularly the USA's, lust for oil and other mineral resources ahs led to environmental, ecological and huma disasters on a world scale.

It is small consolation that when the world is cooked by the dents in the Ozone shield, the people in the West will also suffer.

There should be a curb on lifestyles that destroy the environment on a large scale.

There should be a limit on the size of cities.

There should be a limit on every endeavor that causes a change in the structure or topography of a land.

If I remember correctly. I read somewhere that the Prophet (saw) said that when your cities become large, move and found new cities.