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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Indian Fighter planes probe Pakistan defences

As usual, the kuffar say something, and do something else.

The Indian Foreign Minister says India has no intention to attack Pakistan.

Despite Pakistan government's capitulation to US ad Indian designs, due to which it is fighting the very people committed Pakistan's defence, two violations of Pakistan's airspace by Indian fully armed planes took place today - one from Indian occupied Kashmir and the other from Lahore sector.

They had intruded four kilometers inside Pakistan before being confronted by PAF.

Pakistan Air Force fighter planes intercepted them and they were forced to flee back.

In the Arabian Sea, explosions have been heard. Some additional naval activity and these explosions in the present context are meaningful. However, no large scale mobilization of the Indian land forces has been observed so far.

India has been unable to contain the terrorism by 35 separatist movements. The Indian local terrorists are in control in Gujarat. Indian army serving Colonel has been arrested for supplying arms to these Hindu fundamentalist terrorist organizations, but that is being put on the back burner and instead, India is blaming Pakistan so as to divert local opinion from its failures and to put Pakistan under pressure.

The Indian media has not played a sensible part. It has raised the temperature and pressure on the Indian government to be a war hawk.

Airspace violation by armed planes is a very, very serious thing to do. Coupled with the Arabian Sea explosions, India is embarking on the path to war, and that will benefit only war mongers.

As of today, suppliers to NATO have stopped plying their vehicles to Afghanistan.