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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Social History of Muslims

Questions I have thought about a lot, but am still unable to find enough material to enlighten myself.

In early Islamic practice, exploitation of man by man was removed. All were equal in Islam - the ruler as well as the subject. There was no priesthood. Islam did not abolish employer and employee relationships, but it ordained a fair treatment.

Yet, down the line:

  • Caliphate turned into Empire,
  • Religious Scholars into Priests, 
  • owners of large landholding became feudal lords while their workers became serfs, 
  • Seekers of Allah's pleasure into absolute (supposedly) masters of their followers: both of this world and of the spiritual (the pir or shaykh and the mureed).

1. How did this come about?

2. How do we regain our freedom given in Islam.


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ldii said...

Contrarily, in Indonesia Islam is the visitor value that change the traditional emperor. Although the spreading of Islam is not perfect but the Islamic value is dominant in the country.