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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

openburhan: (caution)

I have given many links on my site, some authentic, some to use with caution. is a site for roots and words in the Quran, but use caution, for the owner of the looks like being under the influence of submitters/ rejectors of Hadith.

While and also give Quran verses containing different words from a root, in this one individual words are also click-able. When clicked, this give a list of different words derived from that root.

A word of warning: This site needs to be evaluated as in many cases it says that the root of the word is not found, whereas even for me, the root is clear. for example, it lists       وَ صدُّوْا   as without a root, while the root is ص د د   Secondly, although it gives access to a lot of translations,  some of these are very deviant ones. Third, many words are listed as "null", but a good point is is that in such cases it points to the corresponding word in which is an authentic site.

In the roots list are letters I for INITIALS (here used to describe huroofe muqatteaat), and U for UNKNOWN roots). It says the unknown here are 78 in number.


This person wrongly considers Mohsin Khan and Hilali translation as "controversial" in which category he includes Mohd Ali, Rashad Khalifa and Shabbir Khan. The last two are rejectors of Hadith. I think Mohd Ali's belongs to Ahmedya (Lahori) branch of Qadianis.  If he is a Sunni, I would like to be informed so I can correct this post.

The two initial translations that pop up every time are Tahirul Qadri's and Yusuf Ali's. Qadri is a Sufi with notions of so-called awliya being alive after death and part of the world's hidden administration, and he uses that slant in his translation of the meanings.

Qaribullah's translation is another whose author's inclination needs to be determined. It is probably Professor Qaribullah of Sudan.

So, one has to be careful about the translations, and obviously so for the roots as well, because in some cases different meanings have been assigned to words by deviant groups, by ascribing a differnt root.

With these comments and precautions, this site may be a good resource.