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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

an eye for an eye, and ...

Bismillahir  Rehmanir Raheem

Assalamu alaykum wa Rehmatullahi wa barakatahu

Those people will not come back again

Note: If for a moment, while reading this post, you feel moisture in your eyes, then when asking for your own forgiveness, please pray for the sender and author of this post, too.

Two young men enter a meeting of Sayyidina Umar, go straight to a person sitting there, and say: "O Umar! This is that man."

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Sayyidina Umar asks them, "who is this man?"

"O leader of the faithful, he has killed our father."

"What are you saying? This man killed your father?" Asks Sayyidina Umar.

Then Sayyidina Umar addresses this person: "Did you kill their father?"

The man says: "Yes, O leader of the faithful, their father got killed by me".

"How did you kill him?" Sayyidina Umar asks.

"O Umar, their father entered my field with his camels. I tried to stop him, but he did not stop, so I threw a stone at him. That stone struck his head and he died immediately."

"Will then this is murder, and the punishment is death", Sayyidina Umar says.

There is no need to write the decision down. It is so final that there is no possibility of a debate. No question has been put to that person about his family; it has not been asked how exalted his family is, nor has the need been felt  to ask whether that person belongs to a noble tribe, or has a high rank or position in society. Sayyidina Umar does not need to know these things! In the matter of the religion of Allah, Umar cannot be swayed. On the issue of implementing the law of Allah, Umar cannot be stopped. Even if Umar's own son were to stand as  a murderer, he would get the same punishment.

The man says "O Umar!: in the name of the One under whose order the earth and sky stand, let me go back to my wife and children in the desert to tell them that I will be killed. They have no one to look after them except Allah and me. I shall then come back."

Sayyidina Umar asks: "Who will stand surety that you will come back from the desert?"

A silence engulfs the gathering. Nobody even knows his name, let alone his tribe, tent, house, etc.

Who will be his guarantor? This is not a case of ten dirhams, or a piece of land, or a loan, or a contract for some camels. This is a matter of surety for a neck which will be chopped off with a sword, if the man does not come back.

There is no one who can object to Umar about the implementation of Allah's law, or make a recommendation for clemency. Can there be anyone who can intercede in a matter relating to Allah's law?

There is a hush in this meeting of the Companions. Even Umar himself is moved by this situation, because this person's condition is such there is no clear answer. Should the convict be killed as qasas for murder and his wife and children be left to die of hunger? Or should he be allowed to go back without a surety? What if he does not come back. Then the victim's blood will be in vain!

Sayyidina Umar sits sadly with his head bent. Then looks into the eyes of the young seekers of justice: "Will you forgive this man".

"No, O leader of the faithful! Forgive the one who killed our father? Never, it can never happen". The young men announce their final decision without hesitation.

Umar raises his head and looks around the gathering, then asks aloud, "O people, is no guarantor among you for this man?

The old and pious Abu Dharr stands up and say: "I stand guarantee for this man!"

Sayyidina Umar says: "But Abu Zarr, he has killed a person, and has to be killed in qasas.".

"Even if he has killed",  Abu Zarr is firm.

Umar: "You know him?"

Abu Zarr: "No, I do not know him."

Umar: "Then why are you guaranteeing for him?"

Abu Zarr: "I see the signs of believers on his face, and I think he is not lying. Insha Allah he will come back."

Umar: "Abu Zarr,  see if he does not come back in three days I will have to bear the trauma of your separation."

"O leader of the faithful, Allah is the Owner of all." Abu Zarr is adamant on his decision.

Granted a period of three days from Sayyidina Umar, the convict leaves for some necessary preparations: like saying goodbye to his wife and children, making some provisions for them, and to return for the purpose of being killed in qasas.

Three nights and three days later, how could Umar have forgotten the matter. He had counted each moment At Asr,  a proclamation is made in the city. The young men are there to seek closure to their father's murder, while people have gathered to watch the law of Allah being implemented.

Abu Dharr also comes and sits in front of Umar.

"Where is that man?" Sayyidina Umar asks.

"I do not know, O leader of the faithful", Abu Zarr  gives a short answer.

Abu Zarr look at the sky where the sun appears to be setting faster than normal.

There is pin-drop  silence in the gathering. Only Allah knows what is going to happen today.

It is true that the respect and love of Abu Zarr resides in Sayyidina Umar's heart. If Abu Zarr  demands a piece of Umar's body, he would cut it off and present it to AbuZarr, but this here is the matter of Shariah, Allah orders are to be implemented. This is no sport, no one's status or capacity is being measured, no circumstances and events are to be evaluated, no place or time is be brought into the picture. If the killer does not appear, the guarantor's neck is to go.

Just a few moments before Maghrib prayers, the convict appears. The sound of "Allahu Akbar" comes spontaneously from the mouth of Hazrat Umar. "Allah Akbar",  the gathering gives a full-throated slogan.

Umar addresses this person saying: "O man, if you had not came back,  we had nothing to take from you or your family, for no one knows you nor your address! Why did you come back, then."

"O leader of the faithful, by Allah, this not about you or the people. This as about the One who knows what is visible and invisible.  You can see that I have come leaving my children alone in the desert like the young of a chicken, without the shade of trees and water. I have appeared to be slain. I was just afraid that if I fail to appear in time, people will start saying that now the people of the pledge have been lifted up from this world."

Sayyidina Umar turns towards the Abu Zarr: "Abu Zarr, On what grounds did you stand surety for him?"

Abu Zarr said, "O Umar, I was afraid that people will  say goodness has now been lifted up from this world."

Syed Omar pauses for a moment and then asks the two young men: "What do you say now?"

The young men reply, weeping: "O leader of the faithful, we forgive him because of his truthfulness. We are afraid that someone somewhere will say that forgiving and forbearing of people have been lifted up."

Sayyidina Umar cries: "Allaahu Akbar", and tears roll down his beard.

"O Young men! May Allah reward you well for your forgiving.

O Abu Dharr! May Allah compensate you well for your help in the trouble of this man.

O man! May Allah reward you well for your truthfulness"


And we say: O Umar, May Allah compensate you well for your fairness!!!

O Allah, give good reward to the one who started this email and to those who send it forward. Aameen! Lord of the Worlds.