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Sunday, February 06, 2011

Egypt - continued crackdown, with update

Update: Feb 8th, 2011: alHamdulillah, the two Ayman Mohidin and Wael Ghonim, have been released. But the military, before releasing people, gets them to sign a paper that they won't go to Tahrir Square before military's permission.

That has got to stop. Unless this repressive regime goes in toto, their will be no liberty.And what about the other missing and ead?

The post re missing and dead persons is below.

People are still being arrested, or not being released. See this spreadsheet:

Wael Goneim, Google's Marketing Manager feor the Middlet East, based in Dubai, was in Cairo during the protests, and was arrested on Jan 28th. He has not been seen since. See the video below:

and here is a partial list of those martyred in this: