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Friday, June 24, 2011

another example of exceptionalism

The government, media and the Congress+Senate of the US are saying that Pakistan lied to them over uBL.

First of all, the account of the UBL killing is highly fishy. The US government changed the story many times, and the quick burial at sea arouses more suspicion that the US government has something to hide.

Secondly, it is not proved that Pakistan lied to the US. If Usama did live in that compound, and escaped detection, that does not imply complicitity by Pakistan
Third, the US government, like all other governments, lies. Over the Raymond Davis issue, the President, the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, and the whole body lied that Raymond was a diplomat, while he was a CIA contractor.

So do not act innocent.

The reality is that the US wants Pakistan to attack North Waziristan, which is beyond Pakistan capability at present. And the build-up is to cast Pakistan as a rogue, terrorist state, so that it can be bombed like the other Muslim countries that the US has targetted.