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Monday, March 14, 2005

posting pictures from OWN computer

well, not exactly. One has to upload these pictures first. Only I do not have pics of my own, so:

The following are from the science pages of I saved these images on my computer, then uploaded it on, so that if I have my own pics, I now know how to post them to on my blog.



2. create an account for yourself in flickr
3. confirm your email by goging to your email account, and clicking on the relevant link in Flickr message
4. download the additional Upload Tools for your Operating syatem: windows 98, 2000 or whatever
5. install and open this tool, and drag and drop your photos in this, or
6. use browse to get them to your flickr account
7. right click on the photo you want to upload
8. go to Properties in the menu displayed
9. copy the address (URL) of this photo

10. Open your blogger to create/edit post, and where you want to post the photo:

use this command:
<iimage src="url"></iimage>

and replace


with the address (URL) of the photo you want to post in your blog.

replace iimage with image

<iimage src="http:///"></iimage>

and replace /// with //

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