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Sunday, March 13, 2005

posting pictures on blogs from servers

assalamu aleikum

The above pic is from:

I tried Hello to post pix, but it certainly was a pain in the neck, and I couldn't get it to post these. However, there is a picture above in my blog. How did I do it?

This is what set me thinking in blogger help

If you have images stored on your own server (or elsewhere on the web), you can include them in your posts via the standard iimg> tag:

here be sure to use img instead of iimg

only in the web addresses below, I have used three slashes /// instead of two // so that the command is displayed, and not the image. When actually posing the photo, write out only two slashes, like //

<iimg src=http:/// alt="Example" />

I thought jannah,org has a server, on which there are pics. So I went to jannah's Hajj (Umrah) page,right-clicked on the picture there,selected "Properties" on the menu isplayed,highlighted the web adress of the pic, which is:


and substituted


in the help above with the web address of the pic. Thus I had:

<iimg src=http:/// alt="Test Example" />

I then went to create a new post in my blog, where I simply pasted this command:

<iimg src=http:/// alt="Test Example" />
and the pic is there

so, anyone wanting post photos should first to retrace my steps, and see if a photo from jannah or some other server can be posted on your blog.

Next you will have to get your photos on a server. Read the following and get your photos in one of these: After that we will take the next step.

Photo Albums, Photoblogs and Moblogs
Photo albums often make great companions to blogs. For instance, you might be blogging about your latest trip to Hawai'i and have dozens or hundreds of photos to share with your friends. If you create a photo album and upload your pictures there, your readers will be able to click a link and browse all your photos in easy thumbnail or slideshow formats. They could even order prints for themselves, and you wouldn't even have to worry about keeping track of how many reprints to get of which picture. It's very convenient all around.
There are a number of sites that offer free photo album services services. You can do a Google search to find them, or you can start by checking out some of these links:

DotPhoto -
Fotki -
Ofoto -
Shutterfly -
SmugMug -

Another fun thing to do with your photos is to create a photoblog. This is like a blog, but rather than a series of text entries, it's a series of photos. You can upload them from your computer, or even email them in, which means that if you have a camera phone, you don't even have to be near a computer to send in photos. A free-roaming, mobile blog like this is often called a "moblog."

Sites we like for photoblogging are Buzznet and Flickr.

They even have ways to syndicate your images and display the latest ones as thumbnails on your website.

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muslim-kidz said...

Jazaakumullaah jazeelan for your remains to be seen whether we can actually manage to post pix..Im hopeless at this...

jazaakumullaah again.