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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Blossoms of the Qur'an - thus came the answer to the prayer

Blossoms of the Qur'an - thus came the answer to the prayer Name: SharifHssn 20/6/2005(9:8) GMT

Guidance for the God-Conscious

Alif, Laaam, Meeem,

This divine writ, let there be no doubt about it-
is meant to be a guidance for all the God-conscious,
who believe in the existence,
of that which is beyond the reach of human perception,
and are constant in prayer,
and pay out of what we have provided for them for
and who believe in what has been bestowed from on high to you, O prophet,
as well as in that which was bestowed beofre your time,
for it is they who in their innermost certain of the life to come!
It is they who follow guidance which comes from the
And it is they, they who shall attain a happy state.

(Qur'an 2:1-5)

The first chapter ends with the stanza "Guide on the
straight path, not the path who have strayed nor of those who earnt your anger." This chapter initiates by outlining the purpose of the Qur'an: "guidance for the God-conscious" both in matters of spiritual and Worldy affairs.

The "Muttaqun" - "God-Conscious" are those that are ever-
aware of God and they mould their existence in accordance to this awareness.

To believe in "ghayb" - "beyond human comprehension" is to believe that life has a more deeper and meaningful
existence beyond the realms of material existence, things that can be measured and weighed. It is to believe in God, the Angels, the Last day - day of judgement, heaven and hell.

To spend out of what God has provided for one - is to
spend both the concrete: money, gold, food and also the
abstract: knowledge, compassion, mercy. These are
mentioned in the context of God-consciousness and prayer
to highlight it as a selfless act, executed for the sake
of God.

God then claims continuity with previous traditions -
Judaism, and Christianity - it is to believe that their
prophets were true, and their revelations were true. This is the description of the believer... what then of the disbeliever?

thus came the answer to the prayer


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