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Monday, July 18, 2005

an open letter to Muslims

an open letter to my brothers and sisters in Islam

assalamu aleikum wa rematullahi wa barakatuh

Have you felt the agony of the Ummah?

Have you ever thought why it is that Muslims continue to be persecuted and humiliated even in their own lands.

The reasons are both internal and external.

Internally, we lost our thirst for knowledge, and with it libraries went out of fashion. We were to be the Khalifa of Allah (swt) on this Earth, and that means we were to unlock the secrets of the Universe, but we left that task to others. We were to make and keep ourselves strong, but we neglected that, too. Instead an elite took over which revelled in artificially high-sounding titles and a fancy living which had no bearing on achievement. In addition, the Muslim people became divided. First on sectarian lines, then on ethnic and linguistic ones. Of course, this was preceded by, or went hand in hand with, intolerance, injustice and torture.

Externally, our enemies, and let us be clear, despite protestations to the contrary, we do have enemies.

Internally, we have to realise that sectarian divisions have come to stay until the advent of the Mehdi. We have to [i]tolerate and even strengthen[/i] each other. The Taliban were overthrown in Afghanistan only because the US was able to recruit the Northern Alliance. Why did the Taliban take on everyone, is something that is beyond my comprehension. India was able to invade and bifurcate Pakistan because the Bengalis had become estranged from the West Pakistani elite. The US is able to be in Iraq because of the alienation of the Kurds and the Shia from the Sunnis.

The grievances of ethnic or other groups residing within our territories must be rectified, and they should be allowed to participate fully in the affairs of the state. Injustice, or perceived injustice, leads to treason.

Of course, if the message were conveyed properly and internalised, the tensions would lessen, if not altogether disappear.

We must struggle to establish the humane values taught by Islam. We must force our rulers to give up torture and arbitrary detentions. We must highlight their corruption, and their investments in the West, which are largely from funds stolen from us.

And now the external enemies: The first among these are those Jews who corrupted their own Scriptures, and then entered Christianity through Paul to change the teachings of Eisaa alehis Salaam. They knew from their own Scriptures that the last prophet [saw] will be born among the Ismaelites. Those who had killed thir own prophets, who had defied the greatest of their prophets, and who had even mocked the Almighty, would not be content. So they tried their tricks, and as predicted by the prophet [saw], the Ummah split into many sects. They are now spearheaded by Israel, the Zionist entity.

The second enemy is the Crusader enemy, who is bent upon destroying Islam and Muslims. Of late this has been re-inforced by the Fundamentalists among them, who see the establishment and strengthening of Israel as preliminary to the second coming (of Jesus).

The third is the secular irreligious trend. Since their view does not incorporate a final reckoning, their compass is lopsided only towards economics, although they will use red-herrings to divert our attention from their actual purpose (of domination and control).

All these three respect only worldly power, and they have recruited the US to be their leader. But here again, the ex-colonial powers are not idle. They want a piece of the cake, too.

And is that all?

No, watch Russia, India and China.

China controls Sinkiang, a province with a huge Muslim population, and her efforts are to keep this under its thumb. Russia and India similarly have large Muslim populations, and see how they have come together in a pact which is directed agaisnt their Muslim populations.

And the cake is control of the massive wealth in lands where the Ummah is concentrated.

What then is the way to defeat these imperialists in a new guise, who will increasingly rule by proxy, through vassals, for they have no appetite for losing their own men to liberation movements?

Western Europe, the US, and to a lesser extent, Russia, cannot take large losses in men. If the methods used are abhorrent we should not aquiese in them. However, it is true that if these result in losses of the imperialist crusaders' armymen, they will lose their appetite for their adventure. We should therefore express disapproval of the forbidden methods used to dislodge the invader and occupier armies, but we should not help these enmies of ours as long as they occupy or control (through proxy) our lands and our resources.

However, it is not necessary that enemies remain enemies. When the truth is presented, many souls will be won over to the Truth, and that is our primary aim in life: to present Islam to the non-believers. The most important reason for our misery is this neglect of dawah.

So, gear up for dawah


FaceTheTruth said...

Brother PD Re: an open letter to Muslims Name: FaceTheTruth 19/6/2005(8:47) GMT

Assalamu Aleikum Brother PD.

I enjoyed reading your post.
I don’t agree with all of it, but I applaud your restraint
in pointing out those feelings you have without delving
into a “Jihad” stupor.
It was well thought out, mature and deserving of attention.
I would like (if I may) to ask for some clarification if I

When you speak of the overthrow of the Taliban, your tone
sounds “regretful” that the Taliban are no longer in
power? Is that how you feel? If so, why?

Secondly, you say: “The second enemy is the Crusader
enemy, who is bent upon destroying Islam and Muslims.”
I believe I know of whom you speak, but could you clarify
and give explanation?

Lastly, the way I understand you in this paragraph when
you state: “If the methods used are abhorrent we should
not acquiesce in them. However, it is true that if these
result in losses of the imperialist crusaders' army men,
they will lose their appetite for their adventure. We
should therefore express disapproval of the forbidden
methods used to dislodge the invader and occupier armies,
but we should not help these enemies of ours as long as
they occupy or control (through proxy) our lands and our

What are you speaking of?
Suicide bombers?
If you are indeed speaking of the use of suicide bombers
and Islam’s stance against such acts, are you condoning
that we should simply “look the other way” accepting a
terrible sin as justification to eject occupying armies in
Iraq and Afghanistan?

Also in Palestine and where ever else a radical element
might feel such actions are somehow permissible.

Even if the target is a Mosque or a Church?

Peace Brother.

a sane voice in a mad world said...

Assalamu aleikum, brother FTT Re: Brother PD Name: PD
20/6/2005(2:28) GMT

1. About the Taliban, there is much that I did not like in
them. They represent a trend among Indian Muslims started
after the loss of the First War of Independence in 1857,
that refuses to learn, and that has closed its eyes.
However, knowing their background, I can find reasons to
excuse them. It is also true that they stopped the detested
warlords, brought peace to Afghanistan, and eliminated
poppy cultivation.

2. About the Crusaders, there is considerable remnant of
this mentality even in the largely secularised Europe. But
the Christian Fundamentalists or Christian Zionists are the
torch bearers of this hatred, and they are mostly to be
found in the US of A.

3. About use of methods of resistance not authorised in
islam, this is a very emotional and controversial topic. I
am drawing here not only from the Islamic point of view,
but also from what we have learnt in history. I do not
approve of targetting and killing civilians. However, I
have learnt that revolutionary movements have a dynamics of
their own.

Let me give you an example where an otherwise wrong act is
justified. It is forbidden to destroy crops; yet this was
ordered in one ghazwah. Why? because it had become

In another example, a Muslim was returned to the Qureish
after the treaty of Hudaybyah, despite his pleadings. He
escaped, and since he could not return in peace, he started
harrasing Qureish caravans. In time, other escapees joined
him. He became such a thorn in the side of the Quraish,
that thye requested the prophet [saw] to bring him to
Madinah, so that his raids would stop. The Muslims did not
send out thier army to capture him or his associates.

I do not approve of suicide bombings. We should condemn
such acts. We should persuade our brethren not to use such
methods, but we should not cooperate with the enemy in
apprehending them, nor should we hand them over to the
enemy after we have captured them.

We prefer peace, but not surrender. And since these wars on
Islam and Muslims have been started by the non-Muslims, let
them continue until they themselves see the futility and
the expensse of continuing these wars.

and May Allah (swt) guide us and keep us to the right path.


FcaeTheTruth said...

Brother PD Re: an open letter to Muslims Name: FaceTheTruth 20/6/2005(6:28) GMT

Assalamu Aleikum Brother PD.

Very well written Brother.

In regards to your view of the Taliban?

Yes it’s true the Taliban brought many bad things being done in that region under control, and one cannot deny this. But what started out as Islamic justice turned to a warped interpretation of Allah’s will. Many leaders of the Taliban began sending down one fatwa after another. They turned a beautiful way of life into a barbaric system of self absorbed philosophy. In their zeal to honor Allah they angered Him who is most forgiving.

That’s why Allah granted the American’s the power to destroy their system so easily.

Now there’s no doubt it’s God’s will that Islam shall be the example for the world, but in the same sense, Allah does not wish Islam slandered or maligned either. That being said, I do understand what you’re trying to say now.

But ignorance of God’s will is no excuse.

Now on the subject of the terminology Crusader.

I’m just not convinced that such terminology is justified in the current situation brother.

Just as I’m against the flamboyant usage of the word infidel, I believe the wrongful use of the
word Crusader can be just as damaging to the faith of Islam as any other.

These words conjure up images of deeds long past.

I don’t believe they fit today’s imagery.

They do if you’re a propagandist, but not if you’re a realist searching for the truth and trying to bring understanding to the issues that have divided us, and brought us to this horrible episode of history.

Again, if one is an Iraqi, then to those people the American’s are occupiers.

But what’s being ignored is how much good the US soldiers are doing.

I simply feel that the US is not longing to occupy Iraq, but they are hoping to stabilize it so it posses no future threats to the region.

I’m not in agreement with some of the tactics being used to reach that point, but I do think if the selfish purposes of the insurgency were set aside, Iraq would be FAR down the road of recovery, and US troops would be half or even ¾ of what they currently are today.

With the war in Iraq finished, the US would be pressed by Arab states hosting US troops to also reduce or completely leave their countries.

I’m sure some sort of treaty would be prudent for the Arab states to continue military association with the US, Middle East stable would be one step closer to reality and US forces would want to be seen as less obtrusive in the region.

Some issues remain of course, Iran, Syria and the Palestine issue, but these things will take STRONG leadership. Strong leadership that I’m afraid no Arab State currently has. The US in partnership with the EU will be needed to face these challenges.

On the subject of suicide bombers. There is no room in my mind for using such horrid weapons
and claiming Martyrdom for those recruited. It’s an unforgivable sin. If you haven’t noticed brother, few of these fools attack the enemy. They attack fellow Muslims in hopes of creating
secular fighting. Peace DOES NOT fit in their agenda brother.

Muslim’s CANNOT condone breaking the will of Allah. Muslim’s CANNOT condone killing of innocent men, women and children.

You made a telling statement, We prefer peace, not surrender.

I’m not suggesting surrendering our faith in Allah, nor the lands of Islam. But peace must be brought to the region. Has anyone thought that the unity we find in our love for the same God might be unity in destroying Satan’s armies?

That the US is a tool of Allah, and that Allah intends for Muslims to use this powerful army in a much grander method?

That in unity between Islam and Christianity the clarity of Islam will be seen and millions will come to Allah willingly?

Ours is a faith of peace.

Ours is a faith of patience.

Ours is a faith of love for Allah and all his creations.

Ours is a faith of understanding and brotherhood.

We are the tools of Allah, and as such, we must find better ways than war to absolve the hatred and anger in the world.

Peace Brother.

a sane voice in a mad world said...

assalamu aleikum, brother FTT Re: Brother PD Name: PD 20/6/2005 (7:39) GMT

I do understand your view. I have a different one than yours.

I know the Taliban, shall we say, and leave it at that.

The US is a tool of Allah, you say.

In the same way that the Mongols were a tool of Allah? Remember what Changez Khan used to say?

Allah (swt) is in full knowledge of what is happening, and war may be a way to chastise us. However, we have clear guidelines on who is our friend, and who isn't.

The use of the word Crusader is justified in application to the US administration, and their Christian Churches and personalities that support this war, and even advocate expanding this to other Muslim countries. Surely you cannot be blind to the fact that the methods they have used are Crusader methods, the language they have used in their sermons is Crusader language. They have a hatred of Islam comparable to the Crusaders. The other americans, disturbed at these theocratic tendencies, have pointed out that their constitution does not allow religious discrimination. Plus
the "insurgency" in Afghanistan and Iraq has them bogged down, so these Crusaders have felt compelled to tone down their vocabulary, but do not be fooled by this toning down. Their actions speak louder than words.

Brother, you must look at the history of the West's expansion, the apparent withdrawal from the colonies, and similarly the history of US interventions, military or otherrwise, in the world, to realise what the aims of the US are. I have provided examples from the past, and it is
truly a global phenomenon.

The secular West, particularly those in the US, want to
live their extravagant lives, and would be content to
forget the third world. Only the requirement of raw
materials and need for expanding markets result in this
adventurism. They are short of voluntary gun-fodder, so
they would prefer if the natives did their bidding and killed themselves for a few darhams in the service of the imperialists. They would also prefer to have native governments, provided the governments took care of US interests rather than the interests of their own populations. It would be cheaper for them, both in terms of money and in terms of their own exposure to danger. Hence this search for collaborators.

You see our association with the americans has been in this
area long enough. This was the centre for their CIA's operations for a very long time. After they had to abandon the Shah due to revolution in Iran, they experimented here to formulate and test models for controlling the Muslims. I read the output of their think-tanks when they were formulating what to do when the Soviet Union failed.

The first Gulf war was fought to position US bases in Saudi Arabia. The need was felt to extend the bases to Iraq. It is not a short term thing. The US will not withdraw any time soon from Iraq unless the men-losses are unacceptible to the US population. The US strategy of positioning bases extends around the globe, and particularly the Muslim lands, and it precedes 9/11.

You can see that the US administration has understood its
populations' mood and is aiming at a space nuclear and missile presence, so as to minimise land-based forces. That has implications for the others on this planet.

No, I am not fooled by the US proclamations. I understand that this war was a Zionist double game, to bring Islam and
Christianity (or the West) into conflict, and also that extremism on the part of Muslims will play in their hands,
but letting the US into our lands means letting the Zionists control our lands and resources. None of the third-world countries that have let the US companies exploit their resources have become successful. Malaysia is a sole exception, and that has come about because it refused the IMF prescription (in effect a US prescription) during the economic crisis of the Far East.

The US would be desirable as an ally, if it did not consider its soul being mortgaged to Israel.

FTT said...

Yes Brother PD, I understand you Re: assalamu aleikum, brother FTT Name: FaceTheTruth
20/6/2005(11:55) GMT

Assalamu Aleikum Brother PD.

I do understand what you mean about the Taliban, and we’ll leave it at that then.

The comparison of US forces to the Mongol hordes was a little harsh, but if you recall brother, after the Mongol hordes destroyed what lay in their path, they converted to Islam.

They saw the light as revealed by Allah.

Understand Brother that I’m not saying that I understand Allah’s plan for us, but I do understand that it’s by Allah’s will these things are allowed to happen. I do understand that Allah gives to us the wisdom to make changes in our path of life so we might return to His glory and not be taken by Satan and his Jinn.

For to long the Middle East has suffered brother, and we (Arab Muslims) have NOT done Allah’s will. The desert does not bloom, and the wealth from beneath has brought progress without pride.
Wealth without sound leadership and justice. The oil of the earth has blackened our hearts with greed and silenced those who might dare speak their minds.

As for the Crusader mentality?

I believe just as non-scrupulous Muslims twist issues and words to pollute the minds and hearts of their people, so too are there Christian forces in the West willing to do the same.

We can’t be drawn into that trap brother. WE CANNOT!!

There’s an old saying, “A knife might cut to my flesh and bone, but ill words will cut strait to the heart. Even our very base of faith shows little compassion towards those that use ill founded words against Allah or His messengers.

So why do we do the contrary and use them against others?

This isn’t doing us good, it’s causing even MORE division.

One gathers more flies with honey than vinegar.

Stop believing all the hype brother. PLEASE use your heart when you listen to the teachings of Allah, not the scorned ears of the hater.

All these traitorous conspiracy theories!!!

My word, doesn’t ANYONE understand that if the United States of America WANTED to destroy use they could??

And they could do so with little loss of life on their side.

They have enough military might to turn our Muslim states into vast areas of wasteland.
So let’s not believe the hypocrisy and propaganda pundits that weave intricate lies to blacken our hearts against forgiveness and peace.

Let’s stop teaching our children to hate the West simply because someone told us to. Yes the West has vises they need to fill. Yes the West has habits we Muslims don’t wish to have. YES, YES, YES!!!! I know brother, but we to suffer from our own ignorance. We Muslims suffer from our own arrogance and greed!!

One might clean-up their own house before criticizing our neighbor’s house keeping habits.
It was almost laughable if it weren’t so sad when you spoke; They are short of voluntary gun-fodder, so they would prefer if the natives did their bidding and killed themselves for a few dirham in the service of the imperialists.

THEY ARE KILLING each other brother. Sunni and Shiite, Kurd and Turkmen.

Each killing the other as if blood fest were among us.

Sectarian violence is, and always has been among us. The US invasion simply took cork off the bottle and gave the extremist excuse to kill our brothers and sister.

You surprise me with the insinuation that the first Gulf War was fought entirely to advance US bases in the region.

That’s not true brother. Let’s not rewrite history. And the bases you speak of in Saudi Arabia left when the Saudi’s asked them to leave.

I won’t deny the US is repositioning or acquiring new bases in the region so they can be more flexible, but they are closing and reducing their overall troop strength in Europe. So in reality, the overall presence of US troops in the region will be less (after the war) than they
currently are, and there will also be less US forces in Europe than ever before.

I’m sure what I’ve said conflicts with your mindset, but understand brother that FAITH is not POLITICS.

We confuse that.


a sane voice in a mad world said...

brother FTT, assalamu aleikum Re: Yes Brother PD, I understand you Name: PD 20/6/2005
(18:9) GMT

I spoke about both internal and external problems. They reinforce each other, so we have to work on both at the same time.

If you have studied the exploits of the CIA, and the interventions of the US military, you will notice that many a nation's democratically elected government was toppled and tyrants installed with a resulting mayhem.

closing our eyes to this evil won't do us any good.

I do agree that there are many good americans who are as horrifed by this trend in the US as we are, and would be our allies for freedom, but it so happens that even some of them re-elected a war-mongering liar administration because their local interests were served better.

They are again coming round to the view that the re-election of a warrior mentality was a mistake. They have now understood that there is paranoia among their compatriots. In the beginning they used to deride this suggestion from us.

What has prompted you to acccuse me of believing hype and conspiracy theories? What I have said are well-documented policy guidelines of the US. You don't think you can convert Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Wolfowitz and Lewis to your point of view? Do you?

you said: [quote]All these traitorous conspiracy theories!!!

My word, doesn’t ANYONE understand that if the United States of America WANTED to destroy use they could??

And they could do so with little loss of life on their side.

They have enough military might to turn our Muslim states into vast areas of wasteland.
So let’s not believe the hypocrisy and propaganda pundits that weave intricate lies to blacken our hearts against forgiveness and peace.[/quote]

The US of A at present does not want to bomb the world to smithereens because the americans will have to live in the same world and breathe the same air, but their ideologues and their capitalists do want to control the world, uncaring of the damage to people and environment. The US has done a lot of damage to civilian populations in the past, but those who stood stteadfast have been able to inflict losses which have caused the US to abandon its adventurism.

As for the Crusader mentality?

I suggest you read the reports of their think-tanks, and visit their forums, and read what even the administration has said in unguarded moments. It might open your eyes to the dangers of US Fascism.

As a businessman you must be aware of looking at what future might bring, your competition, and to plan for eventualities. Closing your eyes to the dangers won't work.

I stand by my statement that the first gulf war was fought to obtain bases in Saudi Arabia. Look up the career of the then US ambassador to Iraq.

I do not hate or teach any one to hate. I tell the truth as I have concluded from my studies, and I want the world to be cautious.

Yes, I agree that Muslims are killing each other. But this killing was light and rare, until in the aftermath of the Iranian revolution, the US frightened the Gulf states and Saudi Arabia into an anti-Iran stance, resulting in an invasion of Iran by Iraq, and training of Sunnis against

You wouldn't know, perhaps. We saw this happening with our own eyes.

You may call the establishment of US bases as "repositioning so as to be more flexible", but to the majority of Muslims it is unacceptible. Let them keep their forces in Europe, not in our lands.

And we are not just talking faith, we are talking the mentality to control others.

But I will agree that there are many more good americans than the fascist ones, and they are and would be aghast at what their idealogues and administration have in store for the world. IIt is when these good americans have regained control from the present maniacs, that peace can come.