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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Israeli war crimes & German Holocaust guilt complex


GERMANS : Germany 'Trusts' Israel
following our previous coverage of Germany's subsidized sale of Nuclear-Capable Dolphin Submarines to Israel in

the wake of the Israeli War on Lebanon >>>> see here

we stumbled upon this quote (German Government)

"The submarines will not ... be built and equipped for the firing of nuclear weapons, but are designed for the

conduct of conventional war," he said.

Asked if Germany wanted assurances from Israel on that point, Steg said: "We have no mistrust and no suspicion

toward our Israeli partner." --jpost

even the USA is investigating Israel's conduct in south Lebanon... (BBC)

does this guy read the news?
where was he when Israel used Cluster Bombs on Civilians
where was he when Israel used White Phosphorus in Lebanon
where was he when Israel murdered 1200+ Lebanese civilians in 30 days

FLASHBACK : Israel Uses Cluster Bombs on Civilians


A congressional investigation after Israel's invasion of Lebanon in 1982 found Israel guilty of intentionally dropping cluster bombs in civilian areas.

A six year ban was imposed on further sales of the weapons to Israel.


The UN's Mine Action Coordination Centre says it has found 318 sites in south Lebanon where cluster bombs have been used.

"A lot of them are in civilian areas, on farmland and in people's homes, said spokeswoman Dalya Farran.

"We're finding a lot at the entrances to houses, on balconies and roofs," she said.

"Sometimes windows are broken and they get inside the houses."

"Most of them are from America," Ms Farran said.

According to the UN, eight Lebanese have been killed and at least 30 wounded by exploding ordnance left behind after the 14 August ceasefire between Israel and Hezbollah came into force.

source Middle east