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Sunday, August 27, 2006

It’s about fresh water, stupid.

It’s about Wazzani Springs, Stupid!
by: gottlieb
Wed Jul 26, 2006 at 10:35:27 AM PDT

One of the sources I read for Middle East information is the Debka File. It’s hard for me to read as Ann Coulter or any other right-wing pundit and if you want a dose of the view from the Israeli right-wing, then I heartily recommend this site. Who knows it may be as reputable as Wayne Madsen; I have heard conflicting reports about the accuracy of information here, but still, if nothing else, as a read it is interesting for the POV.

Anyway, while reading the latest updates on the destruction of Lebanon, I noticed this in the Debka File report.

Perhaps the most important gain from the crisis is Israel’s recovery of control over its main sources of water, the Wazzani springs in the divided Ghajar village.
Huh? I thought. Israel’s main source of fresh water is in Lebanon? How odd.

And then I remembered about 20 years ago I took a college extension course at a local University. The exact name of the course I can’t remember, but the topic of the course was about a world-wide water crisis we would all be facing in our lifetimes. And one of the most dangerous flashpoints for future Water Wars was, duh, the Middle East, specifically in and around Israel.

After signing the 1979 peace treaty with Israel, Egyptian President Anwar Sadat said his nation will never go to war again, except to protect its water resources.
King Hussein of Jordan identified water as the only reason that might lead him to war with the Jewish state.

Former United Nations Secretary General Boutros Boutros-Ghali warned bluntly that the next war in the area will be over water.

So I googled Wazzani Springs.

It’s about fresh water, stupid.

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