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Thursday, February 05, 2009

JuD writes to the UN for lifting of ban

JuD writes to the UN for lifting of ban

The News International reported on its front page today (Thursday Feb 5th, Kashmir Day) that the Jamaatud-Dawa has made a six-page representation to the Secreatary General of the UN that the ban on its activities at the misinformation campaign of the Indian government is unjustified under the rules of the UN as it is neither connected wih the Taliban or al-Qaeda, and is not engaged in any activities related to terrorrism. Rather this ban is detrimental to the people of Pakistan as it has resulted in cessation of JuD's welfare activities.

I read this report together with the representation in the printed newspaper, but the site is down. The report starts on the front page in a small column and continues on page 8.

Now it is up to the UN to either prove that the JuD is a terrorist group, or to lift the ban and apologize to the people of Pakistan, including the Hindu and Christian womwen and children which were being supported by the JuD, and who have now been without this humantarian support ever since the ban on JuD.

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Anonymous said...

All the Islamic Organizations misusing the Funds to Support Islamic Militants and Terrorists in the Name of so called Jehad ..Must be Banned for the Life time and Forever...Ameen!
UN must be always Cautious with The Fake Islamic welfare Organizations which are the Funding Organizations for Islamic Terrorists worldwide.