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Saturday, February 21, 2009

The war on Muslims - I

To think that there is no war on Muslims is to close your eyes to the truth, and to buy the line of our enemies.

To start with, we accept that there are major internal problems with the Muslim world, and these need urgent attention.

However, there are similarly urgent external problems. To dismiss these as conspiracy theories would be to bury our heads in the sand.

The primary aims of the major powers are:

1. To hold on to the resources of the world, and to wrest control of those resources to which they have little access.

2. To make sure that Israel remains unchallengeable in the region, which now includes Pakistan.

3. To test their latest weapons, and to get rid of older stock by using them, while being paid for it.

4. To support their major industries, including the war industry as above, and the oil industry.

5. To ensure the flow of net capital to the West's banking and financikla system.

To this end, the first and the second US-Iraq wars were fought:

The state of Iraq has been effectively divided into three ineffective weak regions, thus removing the threat from Iraq to Israel

The deal with the Kurds, and then with the Iraqi central government, weakened by the civil war, fueled by the invasion and sustained by agent provocateurs. Around 80% of the oil revenue (after deduction of inflated production costs) is now ensured to the western oil companies.

The Great Game is now being played for the resources of Central Asia. And for this the focus is on Afghanistan and Pakistan.

This is why the US is upset with the deal for Shariah in Malakand. It prefers a civil war in Pakistan.

For the internal problems. I will post an article by Dr. Masooda Bano.