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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Bashing Wahabism and Wahabis

From time to time, vitriolic pieces appear in the press by regular contributors and even the editors on the evils of Wahabism. These writings show a lack of understanding of the origins and propagation of this term. Wahabism is a misnomer coined by the British to turn away the Indian Muslims from those who were resisting Imperialism. The term was of course eagerly adopted  by the exploitative pirs and jagirdars who used to milk the ordinary Muslim through ensuring his contribution to the local saints at their graves, a practice that has not gone away after independence. A little help in the form of cash and land grants by the British was also persuasive. The same is now being applied today for the benefit of another Imperial power, and its local cohorts. Unfortunately the so-called "progressive" elements among us are also in the forefront of this bashing.

Even if we accept the term, what the terrorists are doing in the name of Islam is not Wahabism, but since saint-worship (or any other deviation from monotheism) is equally abhorred by them and by the so-called Wahabis, those with an agenda to mislead the common Muslim have started to use the old prescription of Imperial Britain now adopted by the US, as advisd by the Rand Corporation.

What is that which Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab taught? Is it anything new? Has anyone bothered to go through his "Kitabut Tawheed", or the equally reviled "Taqwiautul Eemaan" by Shah Ismail Shaheed who was martyred at Balakot while fighting the Sikhs. Has anyone forgotten what the Sikh Maharaja did to Badshahi Masjid in Lahore, or the state of the Muslims under Sikh rule?

I have read both these books, and also those who oppose these writers. I have read supporting and refuting arguments and the sources cited therein. I find that these books only quote relevant passages from the Quran and Sahih Ahadeeth. Of course, those who want to ascribe Divine attributes to humans or other creations of Allah, would be offended.

To be fair, shouldn't people read the author's own words and the history of their movements themselves before commenting.


Kitab-ut-Tawheed in Arabicكتاب التوحيد الذي هو حق الله على العبيد


Testimony from a website:

Justifying Wahhabism

The relationship between Muhammad bin Abdul-Wahhab and Ibn Taymiyah

(Qur'an 49:6) O you who believe! If a rebellious evil person comes to you with any news, ascertain the truth, lest you harm people in ignorance, and afterwards you become regretful to what you have done. (Qur'an 49:6)

Abdul-Wahhab was indeed influenced by Ibn Taymiyah. In fact Abdul-Wahhab started a similar movement at his time. He had his da3wa (invitation to Islam) in the heart of the Arabian Desert, while Ibn Taymiyah in the center of the area and heart of Islam at that time, Sham (Syria).

Muhammad Bin Abdul-Wahhab came at a similar time, when in Arabia people had started worshipping stones and grave in the name of Islam. He fought a lot of innovations and additions to Islam and his efforts succeeded in uniting with the family of Sa3ud and forming the first Saudi state, but at that time the family of Saud were righteous people, unlike the family of Saud of today. It is interesting to note that Abdul-Wahhab and his students were all Hanbalis, just like Ibn Taymiyah. The first Saudi State ended with the 3rd Ottoman campaign led by Muhammad Ali Basha himself.

Frankly, I hear a lot of slander thrown at Muhammad bin Abdul-Wahhab, and I personally used to dislike him. But when I read his book Kitab al-Taw7eed and checked the accessions thrown at him I did not find any of the slander thrown at him truthful. Some cases he is clearly innocent from what is said, sometimes what they accuse him of is clearly in accordance with Quran and Sunnah. Like for example the Sufis attack him for destroying the dooms that were built over the graves of the Companions, but the fact is there are many Hadeeths that say that such things are the actions of the Jews and Christians, and that those who build such things are the worst of the creation and that the Prophet cursed such a thing, and that he strictly forbade such a thing. So as you see, those who attack him are either ignorant about the Sunnah or are just venting out hatred against Arabs.

Some of the other innovation Abdul-Wahhab students canceled, was the innovation of performing four prayers one for each school (mathab). Like a Hanafi would do Athan (call prayer) and then all the Hanafis would perform the prayer behind a Hanafi Imam, then a Maliki would do Athan and the Malikies would do their prayer and so on. Abdul-Wahhab students canceled this and praying in the Ka3ba returned to be unity like it was at the days of the Companions and like it is today, thanks for Allah.

In fact if Abdul-Wahhab is what I know about him by now, then he is Insha' Allah another reformer (Mujadid) like Ibn Taymiyah: he revived the forgotten of the Sunnah, he fought innovations, and he returned the people to the understanding of the Companions.

As for the Wahhabi Da'wa today, many Wahhabi people live in Saudi Arabia. Almost all people in Mecca and Medina belong to this school. They don't use the term Wahhabi, but rather, Salafi Da'wa or Ahlul Sunna wal Jama'a. Although, they have a negative view about women and some modern inventions, they played in important role to keep Islam alive in Arabia. They also played a significant role in raising up Islam and resisting missionary Christians in the Muslim world. Many people think that Wahhabi people are bad because the King of Saudi Arabia is bad. This assumption is clearly wrong since the Saudi kingdom does not follow that school. Their jails are full with Wahhabi scholars. Some people (unfortunately) slander Wahhabis as a way to slander Arabs. If you want to know the truth about those people, I advise you to check this site that is maintained by a famous Wahhabi scholar: and check out

Ultimately, I advise all Muslims: Do not judge people before you listen to them.