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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Eid blues

After 9 days of a living and lively home, there is now silence.

Little Haneya and her parents have left - my son back to Dubai, since his leave has been cancelled by his manager, my d-i-l to her parents' house with Haneya. For a whole year I won't be seeing them in person. :(

Now I know how my mother felt when I would leave, or when I wouldn't visit her.

My daughter and s-i-l also came for a visit, and they too have left.

The wife is watching cricket. When my son was here, I rediscovered my interest in cricket, but it has waned with his departure.


Anonymous said...

Ho hum, i know the feeling. I, my wife and my daughter are the only people in the house. So when Eid came and we invited people over the days. It was busy busy busy but alas now it's oh so quite.

I guess it's incentive to invite people over more often ;)

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