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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Banned by confused Muslimah

I have just been banned from forum

Of late the sweet young lady running that forum has been turning into an apologist for US special status claims.

Well, she is welcome to this freedom. However, such freedom is not available to dissenters on her forum, not any more.

I don't grudge her this banning. Life in non-Muslim countries is harsh for Muslims, with the media and society and agencies all ballistic about the Islamic threat (!). Muslims engaged in Dawah work cannot tolerate the view that non-Muslim militaries and intelligence agencies are fair targets. It makes them susceptible to charges of unpatriotic and subversive attitudes.

Good luck to jannah and her efforts to survive in the jungle that is the United States of America.

Now about the confused part:

This is not about ABCD or BBCD - American Born or British Born Confused Desis. Those are outdated terms.

This is about those Muslims who confuse Jihad with Terrorism.

There have been many Muslims who were so incensed with the non-Muslim invasions, occupations and overall treatment of Muslims that they resorted to or sided with terrorist techniques - bombings of places of worship, killings of non-combatant civilians etc. They forgot the injunctions against taking innocent lives.

In time they graduated to killing of fellow Muslims. This has resulted in a violence within Muslim societies for which at present there seems no end in sight.

Apologists will claim that this is the doing of non-Muslim agent provocateurs. In some cases this is true, but in many cases it is not. Even where it is true, they have found among Muslims people who have been willing to resort to these techniques.

This has been a grave mistake among many Muslims who see freedom from occupying non-Muslim powers as justifying any means. Some have a hatred of non-Muslim powers due to a colonial past, and this hatred makes them unable to see the true path.

Then there is the opposite end of the spectrum. Many Muslims living in the West have been subjected to such discrimination and insecurity that they have had to adopt the non-Muslim establishment view of Jihad as terrorism.

Attacking the military, intelligence or mercenaries of an occupying power is a valid form of resistance. And why should this resistance be restricted to the territory under occupation? Why should an occupying power have the freedom to hunt its opponents everywhere in the world, but those under occupation be limited to their own territory?

Answers please.