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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mesbahul Quran: مصباح القرأن

The organisation baitul Quran has more publications than the ones shown on its website:

These are for understanding the Quran without using terminology of Arabic Grammar. The language of teaching is Urdu. There are two main publications:

1. meftahul Quran, which describes the function of various indicators (alamaat) in a word, and how each indicator is used in the Quranic Arabic. The indicator (alamat) is shown in red.

  • Black is used for Quran words that are also used (in original or derived form) in Urdu, hence an Urdu user is familiar with these words. These comprise approximately 65% of the Quranic words.
  • Blue is used for those Arabic words that are not used in Urdu, but are very frequently used in the Quran. This frequency makes it possible to remember them with their meanings.
  • Red is used for those words that are quite new for Urdu users, and need to be learnt with some effort. These are about 15% of the words in the Quran.

2. mesbahul Quran, which is a series of Quran juzz (paras) in three colors. One the left page:

On the opposing page the words are broken up in boxes, using three colors:
  • Red for using one indicator (alamat)
  • Blue for a second indicator (alamat) if used in the same word
  • Black for the normal remaining portion of the word.
Thus composition of each word is clearly visible in different colors.  The translation follows the same colors.

After the understand Quran short course  (levels 1 and 2), I am now going for reading the Quran with the help of these publications. Classes will start on Feb 8th, inshalllah. Although I am still struggling with levels 1 and 2, this level 3 will inshallah allow me to make an effort for covering the previous levels as well.


Anonymous said...

Jazakallahu Khairan Katheera
Beautifull Work on Quran

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