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Friday, January 29, 2010

Understand Quran the easy way claims to teach most of the Arabic of the Quran (more than 70% words) without using too much grammatical terms, in 52 lessons. Two supporting sites provide practice of the 80% words and are:

Previous claims were for more than 80% words, hence the names of these two supporting sites. uses modern methods of teaching: audio, video, powerpoint presentations and printed or pdf files for the lessons. The key is total physical interaction, and frequent revision until one has a fair grasp.

    The short course, comprises two participatory sessions of 10-12 hours each. Level-1 covers 25 lessons. Similar hours are needed in Level-2 for the remaining 27 lessons. These can be broken down into sessions of lesser durations (e.g. 20-30 minutes for one lesson), for those who find the intensity overwhelming. The level-1 course was initially conducted in Ramadan this way, and now has been offered in several places over weekends as intensive sessions.

    The Basic course contains 50 main lessons, of 25 minutes duration each. 10 revision lessons follow the main ones. It is the older course, which had a book and CDs with it containing wmv files featuring Dr AbdulAziz AbdurRaheem teaching the course. It formed the basis for division (with some modifications) into the level 1 and 2 short courses.

    Short course levels 1 and 2 also have books and powerpoint presentations and are much improved versions, but any wmv files they have are not to my liking. The short course level 1 is being taught on peacetv. In Pakistan it is currently being aired at 11:30 pm. Here is a mention of this on the peactv site:

    Aao Qur'an Samjhein
    IST 22:30 23:00
    KSA 20:00 20:30

    I haven't so far seen this on TV, but if you want to watch PEACE TV tune into anyone
    of the following :-

    INTELSAT 10 (PAS 10)

    Position: 68.5 East,
    Frequency: 4116,
    Symbol Rate: 8145,
    FEC: 3/4,
    Polarization - Vertical.
    Reach: Asia, Middle East,
    Australia and Africa

    If you possess a personal Private Dish then please tune into above new frequency, alternately request your cable operator or DTH provider to include 'Peace TV' and mention them they are absolutely free to air channels.

    Here is a page showing a verb conjugation template.